Sentence Examples

  • Without attempting to answer this question categorically, it may be pointed out that within the limits of the family (Ptychoderidae) which is especially characterized by their presence there are some species in Y art dY YY cts, posterior limit of collar.
  • The symbols - dy, d z, ...
  • Thus, if x = p cos 4), y= p sin 0, C =11 cos px dx dy =f o rt 2 ' T cos (pp cos 0) pdp do.
  • The integration of the several terms may then be effected by the formula e y dy =r(4+2)=(4 - i)(4-2)...
  • = b 2 (dx + dy + de l (a 2 - b2) dx (dx+dy+dz) ness where a 2 and b 2 denote the two arbitrary constants.

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