Sentence Examples

  • The development of astronomy implies considerable progress in mathematics; it is not surprising, therefore, that the Babylonians should have invented an extremely simple method of ciphering or have discovered the convenience of the duodecimal system.
  • Calculations involving feet and inches are sometimes performed by means of duodecimal arithmetic; i.e., in effect, the tables of square measure and of cubic measure are amplified by the insertion of intermediate units.
  • The value of 7r for duodecimal arithmetic is 3+1/12+8/122+ 4/12 3 +8/12 4 +..
  • .; so that, marking off duodecimal fractions by commas, the area in the above case is 4 of 3, I, 8, 4, 8 X15, 3 X15, 3 sq.
  • Hence we see that it probably passed from the East through Greece to Etruria, and thence became the standard foot of Rome; there, though divided by the Italian duodecimal system into 12 unciae, it always maintained its original 16 digits, which are found marked on some of the foot-measures.

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