Sentence Examples

  • Each head is graduated into Ioo equal parts on the drums u and v, so that, by estimation, the reading can easily be carried to ivioDth of a revolution.
  • The divisions of both drums are conveniently read, simultaneously, by the lens e; at night the lamp which illuminates the webs and the position-circle also illuminates the drum-heads (see on illumination p. 385).
  • In a type built with vertical sections each division is complete in itself, and is not directly connected with the next section, but communicates with flow and return drums. A defective section may thus be left in position and stopped off by means of plugs from the drums until it is convenient to fit a new one in its place.
  • Accounts differ as to his conduct at the execution, some stating that he ordered a roll of drums to drown the king's voice.
  • The family tradition, however, is that he silenced the drums to enable Louis to speak to the people, and that General J.

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