Sentence Examples

  • Chief among the parks is Druid Hill Park in the N.W.
  • A small monument erected to the memory of Edgar Allan Poe stands in the Westminster Presbyterian churchyard, where he is buried; there is another monument to his memory in Druid Hill Park.
  • Diodorus informs us that a sacrifice acceptable to the gods must be attended by a Druid, for they are the intermediaries.
  • The functions of Caesar's Druids we here find distributed amongst Druids, bards and poets (fili), but even in very early times the poet has usurped many of the duties of the Druid and finally supplants him with the spread of Christianity.
  • Before the battle of Culdremne (561) a Druid made an airbe druad (fence of protection?) round one of the armies, but what is precisely meant by the phrase is obscure.