Sentence Examples

  • Lockyer and the Draper Catalogue.
  • 1770) and BrigadierGeneral William Draper (1721-1787), was sent to the Philippines.
  • Paul Stapfer (1870, 2nd ed., 1882); and many fresh particulars as to Sterne's relations with his wife and daughter, and also with the lady known as "Eliza" (Mrs Elizabeth Draper), are collected in Mr Sidney Lee's article in the Did.
  • Much material of value is contained in the Historical Collections (18 vols., Madison, 1855 sqq.) of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (1846; reorganized, 1849), and in the Bulletins of Information, Proceedings and Draper Series of the same society are many valuable historical papers and monographs.
  • The " Draper Catalogue " of 10,351 stellar spectra was published by Professor E.