Sentence Examples

  • Donovan had gotten pretty damn far, he admitted.
  • She doubted she could ever kill anyone, especially her Guardian, after seeing Donovan shot.
  • Heysham added to Hutchins's Cumberland a list of birds of that county, whilst in the same year began Thomas Lord's valueless Entire New System of Ornithology, the text of which was written or corrected by Dr Dupree, and in 1794 Donovan began a History of British Birds which was only finished in 1819 - the earlier portion being reissued about the same time.
  • By Donovan, Dublin, 1829).
  • Undoubtedly closely allied to the Haemoflagellates, although no actual trypaniform phase has yet been observed, are the important parasites usually known as the " Leish- The man-Donovan " bodies, without some consideration of which an account of the Haemoflagellates would - hardly be complete.