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  • Distraint on a debtor's corn was forbidden by the Code; not only must the creditor give it back, but his illegal action forfeited his claim altogether.
  • An unwarranted seizure for debt was fined, as was the distraint of a working ox.
  • Failure to pay them did not lead to confiscation, but they were collected by suit and distraint like any debt.
  • 1 In several of the writs for distraint of knighthood from Henry III.
  • Moreover, after the knight's liability to personal service in war had been modified in the 12th century by the scutage system, it became necessary in the first quarter of the r3th to compel landowners to take up the knighthood which in theory they should have coveted as an honour - a compulsion which was soon systematically enforced (Distraint of Knighthood, 1278), and became a recognized source of royal income.

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