Sentence Examples

  • The 1 5 diketones of this type, when heated with aqueous ammonia, form pyridine derivatives.
  • The carbonyl group by itself does not produce colour, but when two adjacent groups occur in the molecule, as for example in the a-diketones (such as di-acetyl and benzil), a yellow colour is produced.
  • Semicarbazide) with ortho-diketones (J.
  • Pechmann (Ber., 1888, 21, p. 1417) has shown that a-diketones are converted into paraquinones by the action of warm solutions of the caustic alkalis, diacetyl yielding para-xyloquinone: CH 3 CO CO CH 3 CH 3 C CO.
  • The orthoquinones more resemble the a-diketones; they are crystalline solids of a red or yellow colour, but differ from the paraquinones in being devoid of smell and not volatile in a current of steam.