Sentence Examples

  • The coils of the electromagnets are differentially wound with silk-covered wire, 4 mils (= 004 inch) in diameter, to a total resistance of 400 ohms. This differential winding enables the instrument to be used for " duplex " working, but the connexions of the wires to the terminal screws are such that the relay can be used for ordinary single working.
  • 24), instead of sending the currents through the two coils of a differentially wound relay or receiving a and b are inserted, and the receiving instrument is.
  • In the ordinary methods, a differentially wound receiving instrument was used, one coil being connected with the cable Company and the various Atlantic cables, are worked duplex on method of duplexing a cable was described by Lord Muirhead's plan.
  • This arrangement can be duplexed in the way already explained, by providing differential relays and arranging for the outgoing currents to divide differentially through the two relays at each end.
  • The longitude of the Tashkent observatory has been determined by telegraph differentially with Pulkova as follows: H.

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