Sentence Examples

  • Thus, on the denary system (§ 16) we can give independent definitions to the numbers up to ten, and then regard (e.g.) fifty-three as a composite number made up of five tens and three ones.
  • The Roman system, except for the use of symbols for five, fifty, &c., is also in the denary scale, though expressed in a different way.
  • The figures used in the Hindu notation might be used to express numbers in any other scale than the denary, provided new symbols were introduced if the base of the scale exceeded ten.
  • Similarly the number which in the denary scale is 215 would in the quaternary scale (base 4) be 3113, being equal to 1.4.4+1.4+3.
  • The use of the denary scale in notation is due to its use in numeration (§ 18); this again being due (as exemplified by the use of the word digit) to the primitive use of the fingers for counting.

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