Sentence Examples

  • Some thinkers have identified the two, while others regard Epistemology as a subdivision of logic; others demarcate their relative spheres by confining logic to the science of the laws of thought, i.e.
  • As the loop of the Kuriles depends from the southern extremity of Kamchatka, so from the east of the same peninsula another loop extends across the northern part of the ocean to Alaska, and helps to demarcate the Bering Sea; this chain is distinctly broken to the east of the Commander Islands, but is practically continuous thereafter under the name of the Aleutian Islands.
  • Areas of forest surviving the mining, logging and roads in the Amazon are those that have been legally demarcated as Indian territories.
  • Findings There is a well demarcated, ovoid shaped, mass on the right side of the right fibula.
  • The borders between man and machine, especially between mind and computer, are no longer so sharply demarcated.

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