Sentence Examples

  • Hamilton always seems to be reasoning deductively from such principles.
  • The modern lunar theory began with Newton, and consists in determining the motion of the moon deductively from the theory of gravitation.
  • And if the controversy which this school has conducted with utilitarianism had turned principally on the determination of the matter of duty, there can be little doubt that it would have been forced into more serious and systematic effort to define precisely and completely the principles and method on which we are to reason deductively to particular rules of conduct.'
  • This, however, would be insufficient to distinguish theosophy from those systems of philosophy which are sometimes called "speculative" and "absolute," and which also in many cases proceed deductively from the idea of God.
  • So far as it is inductively true that all border-war is evil, it is deductively true that a given border-war is therefore evil.

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