Sentence Examples

  • Most Resmed CPAP devices like the S9 Elite, S8 Escape Travel Machine, the S8 Elite and more are all low decibel machines (24 dba and lower), along with comfortable accessories that help CPAP patients sleep soundly.
  • Since those with hearing losses often cannot hear sounds at normal decibel levels, intensities as high as 115 dB are used to assess the extent of air conduction loss and as high as 70 dB for bone conduction loss.
  • The Sonic Bomb alarm from Sonic Alert has an incredibly loud 113dB alarm, which is the approximately the same decibel level as a live rock concert or car horn at a distance of one meter.
  • To insure that speech discrimination only is being assessed, this part of the hearing test is done at decibel levels of 30 to 40 decibels, higher than that of everyday conversation.
  • Play your personal road trip compilation when the chorus of "Are we there yet?" rises to an uncomfortable decibel level.