Sentence Examples

  • Then the intersection of EB and DB' determines a point P on the (true) curve.
  • It is to be noticed that the resulting equation is a,b,c x= d,b,c,, ,, a' b' c' d'b' c' an, b", cn d", b", c" where the expression on the right-hand side is the like function with d, d', d" in place of a, a', a" respectively, and is of course also a determinant.
  • Broad, behind which are developed the socalled murd-db, or "dead waters," stagnant pools and swamps characteristic of this coast, and a main cause of its unhealthiness.
  • The resistance to slipping of a flat belt on a pulley may be obtained by considering the equilibrium of a small arc of the pulley surface subtending an angle dB at the centre, and having tensions T and T+dT at its extremities.
  • (I) Aboth db Rabbi Nathan, an expansion of IV.

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