Sentence Examples

  • Thus it has annihilators of the forms a0 db - 0 +al d 1+a2d 22+...
  • Nor diminishes the If we define as the " dispersion " in a particular part of the spectrum the ratio of the angular interval dB to the corresponding increment of wave-length dX, we may express it by a very simple formula.
  • If the ray suffers one internal reflection at D, then it is readily seen that, if DB be the path of the reflected ray, the angle ADB equals 2r, i.e.
  • (I) Over the jet surface 4'=m, q=Q, u=-e rr,lm= -berslc, ch SZ=cos n0= e>rsle+I, shS2 =i sin ins =tan ds 2n (3) e2 =tan nO, - c dB sin 2,10' For a jet impinging normally on an infinite plane, as in fig.
  • U -b' Along a jet surface, q=Q, and ch S2= cos 0 =cos a-i sin2a(a-a')/(u-b), (5) if 0 =-a at the source x of the jet xB, where u = co; and supposing 0=0,13 at the end of the streams where u =j, j', u-b i sin 2 a u - j cos 0-cos /3 i a -a cos a sin a -cos 0' aa' - 2 (cos a -cos (3) (cos a-cos 0)' u-j' 1 2 cos 0-cos, (6) a -a' - 2 S i n a (cos a -cos (3') (cos a -cos B)' and 4' being constant along a stream line d4 - dw ds _d8 d4 _ dw du du du' d- -dud0' 7rQ ds_ it ds (cos a-cos /3) (cos a -cos (3') sin 0 m+m' dB c d0 - (cos a-cos B) (cos 0-cos /3) (cos 0 -cos /3')' _ sin 0 cos a-cos 13 sin 0 - cos a-cos B + cos 0-cos (3' cos 0-cos 13 cos a -cos $ sin 6 cos (3-cos /3' cos 0-cos 0" giving the intrinsic equation of the surface of a jet, with proper attention to the sign.