Sentence Examples

  • In the long reign of his son Manasseh later writers saw the deathblow to the Judaean kingdom.
  • But mysticism and political servility between them gave the deathblow to chiliasm in the Greek Church.
  • As it was, his refusal to play this part gave the deathblow to the parliament and to all hope of the immediate creation of a united Germany.
  • In other words, Ney had merely to hold Wellington with part of the French left wing all day, and detach the remainder of his force to co-operate in the deathblow at Ligny.
  • The conclusion in 1838 of a commercial treaty with Turkey, negotiated by Sir Henry Bulwer (Lord Dalling), struck a deathblow to the system of monopolies, though the application of the treaty to Egypt was delayed for some years.

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