Sentence Examples

  • Cycadales (recent and extinct).
  • Cycadales: Mettenius, " Beitrdge zur Anatomic der Cycadeen," Abh.
  • Palaeozoic); Glossozamites and Pterophyllum among the Cycadales, and various vegetative shoots recalling those of the coniferous genus Voltzia, a well-known Permian and Triassic plant of northern latitudes.
  • Sphenozamites, chiefly from French localities, which are referred to 1 fronds, which therg is good reason to refer to the Cycadales in the Cycads because of their similarity to the pinnate fronds of Upper Triassic, Rhaetic, Jurassic and Wealden rocks in India, modern Cycadaceae.
  • These reproductive shoots differ in many important respects from the flowers of recent Cycads, and chiefly on this account it is customary to include the plants in a separate genus, Bennettites, and in a separate group - the Bennettitales - distinct from that of the Cycadales including the existing Cycads.