Sentence Examples

  • With regard to the distinguishing features and the distribution of the numerous Cycadean leaves of Mesozoic age, the most striking fact is the abundance of as well in North America, throughout Europe.
  • Cycadean stems have recently been found in great abundance in Jurassic and possibly higher strata in Wyoming, South Dakota, and other parts of the United States.
  • Cycadean stems have been found also in the uppermost Jurassic, Wealden and Lower Cretaceous rocks of England, India and other parts of the world.
  • An example of an Indian Cycadean stem from Upper Gondwana rocks is represented in fig.
  • 18 Greenland, and other Arctic lands and G12 G13 Gla G15 G16 G17 Yale University has noticed in some of the Cycadean stems from the Black hills of Dakota and Wyoming that the wood appears to possess a similar structure, differing in its narrower medullary rays from the wood of modern Cycads.

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