Sentence Examples

  • Perfect while throwing horseshoes on the beach or four wheeling in a jeep excursion, cutoff shorts can also be worn for monotonous household chores, such as kickback car washing Saturday or lawn mowing Sunday.
  • Oligomenorrhea can be redefined as amenorrhea if menstruation stops for six months or more; however, there is no universally agreed-upon cutoff point or timeline.
  • The best shoes to pair with cutoff shorts are undoubtedly flip-flops, but you can kick on a pair of broken in converse or skate shoes for a covered toe option.
  • When the temperatures begin to soar, men's cutoff shorts can be a cool way to sport your favorite denim without falling prey to the mercury rising.
  • While the cutoff denim mini skirt will always be a classic, why not update the look by choosing a mini in a cool corduroy fabric instead?