Sentence Examples

  • P. Migne, Patrologiae cursus completus, tome 206 (Paris, 1855), 867 ff.; further sources in Neues Archiv fiir die altere deutsche Geschichtskunde, 2.218; II.
  • In his fifteenth year he entered the order of St Augustine, was afterwards professor of theology at the university of Alcala, and published a Cursus theologiae in five volumes (1732-1738).
  • The best known of these are: Scripturae sacrae cursus completus, and Theologiae cursus (each in 28 vols., 1840-1845); Collection des auteurs sacres (ioo vols., 1846-1848); Encyclo pedie theologique (171 vols., 1844-1866); Patrologiae cursus completus, Latin series in 221 vols.
  • Deschales (Cursus, seu Mundus Mathematicus, 1674); Z.
  • P. Migne, Cursus Patrologiae Latinae, viii., include commentaries on Galatians, Ephesians and Philippians; De Trinitate contra Arium; Ad Justinum Manichaeum de Vera Came Christi; and a little tract on "The Evening and the Morning were one day" (the genuineness of the last two is doubtful).