Sentence Examples

  • Who wants to be toiling away in a dim cubicle or raking up pile after pile of fallen leaves when they can be spending a cool, crisp autumn day driving and putting to their hearts content on one of the nation's top golf courses?
  • In other words, someone probably discovered Matt while procrastinating in their cubicle one day, and passed on the dancing to a friend.
  • You can also make your own coffee at home to bring to work, or invest in a single cup coffee brewer for your cubicle so you can indulge in flavored coffee at discount prices.
  • Falling down from the twittersphere, they find themselves back in their cubicle, injured but alive - and one of them immediately tries to twitter about the experience.
  • In fact, if you're constantly sitting with your back to the door (cubicle or walled office), then you'll suffer from being stabbed in the back when you least expect.