Sentence Examples

  • At Troyes, where the gild of St Crispin was reconstituted as late as 1820, an annual festival is celebrated in the church of St Urban.
  • 3); the symbolical processions in honour of "King Crispin" at Stirling and Edinburgh were particularly famous.
  • The chief authority is the Vita Lanfranci by Milo Crispin, who was precentor at Bec and died in 1149.
  • Milo drew largely upon the Vita Herluini, composed by Gilbert Crispin, abbot of Westminster.
  • If local tradition may be believed, it was visited by the apostle Paul, who converted his hostess Santa Xantippa; and, according to one version of his life, it was the see of the famous St Crispin in the 3rd century.