Sentence Examples

  • Combining these two ingenious features, the sleeves and the pocket, coverall crumb catcher baby bibs are hands-down the best option for babies and toddlers who feed themselves.
  • While you might hit the jackpot and discover the perfect bib at your local department store or baby supply shop, several websites offer coverall bibs and pocketed bibs.
  • Second, the fabric of a coverall smock is extremely important; while all-plastic varieties dry quickly between meals, fabric versions absorb spills to a certain degree.
  • Some of these white snow pants are overall style, others are coverall, and still others will allow layering of sweatshirts and overcoats without being too bulky.
  • While other bibs do a decent job for babies who are fed by an adult, coverall baby bibs keep kids' clothes cleaner than virtually any other type of bib.