Sentence Examples

  • Coulomb is distinguished in the history alike of mechanics and of electricity and magnetism.
  • Coulomb (1781), and afterwards confirmed by A.
  • Coulomb pointed out long ago that the resistance of a body to be set in motion was in many cases much greater than the resistance which it offered to continued motion; and since his time writers have always distinguished the "friction of rest," or static friction, from the "friction of motion," or kinetic friction.
  • Coulomb (1736-1806), who in France addressed himself to the same kind of exact quantitative work as Cavendish in England.
  • Coulomb has made his name for ever famous by his invention and application of his torsion balance to the experimental verification of the fundamental law of electric attraction, in which, however, he was anticipated by Cavendish, namely, that the force of attraction between two small electrified spherical bodies varies as the product of their charges and inversely as the square of the distance of their centres.

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