Sentence Examples

  • Once you become a seasoned diver, and after you save a few more bucks, then you'll be able to purchase brand new equipment, but for now, buying a previously owned scuba tank might be the most cost-efficient way to start diving.
  • With hidden fees and unaccounted for travel expenses, your cost-efficient Disney vacation can quickly get pricey, which is why you will want to ask the following questions before booking any vacation package.
  • Thanks to its simplicity, this option seems remarkably more cost-efficient than Tattoo Camo and you won't need to worry about purchasing special setting sprays or removal solutions.
  • If their profits from the illegal activity exceed the fine, they might think it's cost-efficient to continue the illegal or unethical behavior.
  • Finally, while the lightweight, cost-efficient plastic dining set may seem like an attractive option, these tables can break easily over time.