Sentence Examples

  • In considering the relative brightnesses of the different spectra, it is therefore sufficient to attend merely to the principal directions, provided that the whole deviation be not so great that its cosine differs considerably from unity.
  • Thus if x= log x =1 - where the path of integration in the plane of the complex variable t is any curve which does not pass through the origin; but now log x is not a uniform function, that is to say, if x describes a closed curve it does not follow that log x also describes a closed curve: in fact we have log (E +in) = log,/ Q 2 +7)2) t i (a + 2 n 7r), where a is the numerically least angle whose cosine and sine are (2 +n 2) and 71/,i (t 2 +n 2), and n denotes any integer.
  • As far as the circlesquaring functions are concerned, it would seem that Gregory was the first (in 1670) to make known the series for the arc in terms of the tangent, the series for the tangent in terms of the arc, and the secant in terms of the arc; and in 1669 Newton showed to Isaac Barrow a little treatise in manuscript containing the series for the arc in terms of the sine, for the sine in terms of the arc, and for the cosine in terms of the arc. These discoveries 1 See Euler, ” Annotationes in locum quendam Cartesii," in Nov.
  • Since dr/ds is the cosine of the angle between the directions of r and ~s.
  • C2P2=IC2cos obliquity (The obliquity which is found to answer best in practice is about 143/4; its cosine is about i3/4, and its sine about 3/4.

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