Sentence Examples

  • Creating a novelty baby shower corsage for the special mother-to-be takes a little effort and creativity, but a corsage makes a great gift for baby showers and can also be presented to the new mom at the hospital when the baby is born.
  • If you are looking for floral birthday corsages online, check out popular home delivery services that send the corsage right to your door for presenting to the birthday girl personally or ship straight to the celebrant's home.
  • A couple recently featured online used chartreuse as a primary wedding hue, and not only was this the main color of the bridal gown, but the groom's corsage and the father of the bride's tie were in perfect coordination.
  • While you can certainly purchase a baby shower corsage, a homemade corsage will be appreciated even more by the mother-to-be when she recognizes the thought and care that went into the lovingly designed decoration.
  • Common trends in boutonnieres and corsages currently are black and pink roses, colorful bead bracelets to attach the corsage to the girl's wrist, silver ribbons, unusual flower types, and bright flower colors.

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