Sentence Examples

  • Since over 70 percent of all households use candles on a regular basis and candles are a consumable product that customers need to purchase regularly, a work from home candle business can be a profitable endeavor.
  • In addition to consumable products, Aveda also produces several hair tools including brushes in different shapes and styles to help individuals care for their locks properly every step of the way.
  • Purchase generic items instead of name brands whenever possible, particularly for "behind-the-scenes" consumable staples such as sugar, bleach, spices, or baby powder.
  • As well as items such as food, diapers, clothing and bedding, there are also the consumable products such as washing aids and sterilizing products.
  • If you still can't convince your wine snob friends that wine from a box is actually consumable, put it in a decanter before they arrive.