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  • It remains to be seen if the ovuliferous cone in the centre of the flower represents simply a functionless gynoecium, as in Welwitschia and abnormal cones of certain Coniferae, or if the flowers were hermaphrodite, with both male and female organs fully developed.
  • The Coniferae include no fewer than 94 species of Cupressineae and 17 of Abietineae, including several species of Sequoia.
  • The leaves as a rule far exceeded in size those of any of the Coniferae, attaining in some species a length of a metre.
  • True Coniferae, though some resemblance to the stamens of Araucarieae may be traced.
  • Now that the numerous specimens of wood formerly referred to Coniferae are known to have belonged to distinct orders, but few true Palaeozoic Conifers remain to be considered.

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