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  • 130 under the name Colonia Aelia Hadriana Augusta Iconiensium.
  • It was at Edessa that Caracalla, who made it a military colony under the style of Colonia Marcia Edessenorum, spent the winter of 216-217, and near there that he was murdered.
  • 21) - " colonia latina in primis firma et illustris" - a Latin colony in 95 B.C. After the battle of Trasimenus (217 B.C.) Spoletium was attacked by Hannibal, who was repulsed by the inhabitants (Liv.
  • Two Roman colonies had previously been founded at Noviodunum (Colonia Julia Equestris, mod.
  • Nyon) and at Colonia Rauracorum (afterwards Augusta Rauracorum, Augst near Basel) to keep watch over the inhabitants, who were treated with generosity by their conquerors.

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