Sentence Examples

  • 130 under the name Colonia Aelia Hadriana Augusta Iconiensium.
  • The Portuguese were even worse offenders, for in 1680 they made a settlement on the north of the river Plate, right opposite to Buenos Aires, named Colonia, which with one or two short intervals, remained.
  • The triumviri settled some of their veterans here, whence it appears as Colonia Julia Felix Classica Suessa.
  • The city continued to flourish under the Romans, who made it a colony, with the name Colonia Victrix Julia Nova Carthago.
  • The followfng forms of contract are most usual in the several regions: In Piedmont the mezzadria (mttayage), the terzieria, the colonia parziaria, the boarla, the schiavenza and the affitto, or lease, are most usual.

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