Sentence Examples

  • " Bow bells " are famous, and any person born within hearing of them is said to be a " Cockney," a term now applied particularly to the dialect of the lower classes in London.
  • In the " cockney " dialect, really the dialect of Essex but now no less familiar in Cambridge and Middlesex, the ai sound of i is represented by of as in toime, " time," while a has become ai in Kate, pane, &c. In all southern English o becomes more rounded while it is being pronounced, so that it ends with a slight u 'sound.
  • Many ribald comments were made by the cheeky cockneys, which although ignored by dad were deeply embarrassing to Peter!
  • T he people of the East End of London - the true cockneys - are a race apart.
  • The image of the chirpy cockney was largely an invention of the Music Halls, which thrived in London, Northern England and Scotland.

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