Sentence Examples

  • ANTOINE LOUIS CLAUDE DESTUTT, COMTE DE TRACY (1754-1836), French philosopher, son of a distinguished soldier, was born in Bourbonnais on the 20th of July 1754.
  • The original idea appears to be due to Claude Simeon Passemant (Mem.
  • The negotiations with France ended in the treaty of Blois, signed in September 1504, when Maximilian's grandson Charles was betrothed to Claude, daughter of Louis XII., and Louis, invested with the duchy of Milan, agreed to aid the king of the Romans to secure the imperial crown.
  • Here, too, he made the acquaintance of Claude Mydorge, one of the foremost mathematicians of France, and renewed an early intimacy with Malin Mersenne (q.v.), now Father Mersenne, of the order of Minim friars.
  • The World was consigned to his desk; and although doctrines in all essential respects the same constitute the physical portion of his Principia, it was not till after the death of Descartes that fragments of the work, including Le Monde, or a treatise on light, and the physiological tracts L'Momme and La Formation du foetus, were given to the world by his admirer Claude Clerselier (1614-1684) in 1664.

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