Sentence Examples

  • The history of Tournai dates from the time of Julius Caesar, when it was called civitas Nerviorum or castrum Turnacum.
  • Throughout the middle ages the sancta civitas Trevirorum abounded in religious foundations and was a great seat of monastic learning.
  • Chartres was one of the principal towns of the Carnutes, and by the Romans was called Autricum, from the river Autura (Eure), and afterwards civitas Carnutum.
  • During the last Punic War it gave assistance to the Romans; after the fall of Carthage in 146 it received an accession of territory and the title of civitas libera (Appian, Punica, xciv.; C.I.L.
  • The civitas Beneharnensium was included in the Novempopulania.

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