Sentence Examples

  • 65 we find them at Hebron, and this is one of the first indications that we discover of the cis-Jordanic Idumaea of Josephus and the Talmud.
  • Ptolemy's account presents us with the last stage, in which the name Idumaea is entirely restricted to the cis-Jordanic district, and the old trans-Jordanic region is absorbed in Arabia.
  • The final product is formed by a simple aldol condensation from N, again in a manner which gives a cis ring fusion.
  • The system with C s has cis stereochemistry at the bicyclic ring junction, whilst that with C 2 symmetry has trans stereochemistry.
  • During 2003, purchase of remanufactured toner cartridges at CIS decreased by 12 %.

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