Sentence Examples

  • Rudini was glad to leave the whole dispute in abeyance and to make with the local ras, or chieftains, of the high plateau an arrangement securing for Italy the cis-Mareb provinces of Sera and Okul-Kusai under the rule of an allied native chief named Bath-Agos.
  • The Inductive Syllogism, like the deductive, is first systematized by Aristotle, who described it as o E brawl/Cis ovXXoycaµos.
  • Cis Sutlej States >>
  • The constitution of 1862, though suspended on Schmerling's fall, was still regarded as legally valid for the cis-Leithan territories, and is the basis on which the present constitution for half the empire was framed.
  • Stereo-isomerism may occur: the simplest examples are the dibasic acids, where a cis- (maleinoid) form and a trans- (fumaroid) form have been observed.

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