Sentence Examples

  • NORTH TEMPERATE REGION (Holarclic).This is the largest of all, circumpolar, and but for the break at Bering Straits, would be, as it has been in the past, continuous in both the old and new worlds.
  • It occupied a continuous circumpolar area which allowed free communication between ~ 9~A.1~,rsnt+~+bfl,-.r~
  • Assuming that in its circumpolar origin the North Temperate flora was fairly homogeneous, it would meet in its centrifugal extension with a wide range of local conditions; these would favor the preservation of numerous species in some genera, their greater or less elimination in others.
  • Dr Hart Merriam takes the broad point of view " that the whole of extratropical North America consists of but two primary life regions, a Boreal region, which is circumpolar,;and a Sonoran or Mexican tableland region which is unique."
  • There are three genera: (i.) Priapulus, with the species P. caudatus, Lam., of the Arctic and Antarctic and neighbouring cold seas, and P. bicaudatus, Dan., of the north Atlantic and Arctic seas; (ii.) Priapuloides australis, de Guerne, of the southern circumpolar waters; and (iii.) Halicryptus, with the species H.

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