Sentence Examples

  • Cinders have been and are still much favoured for this purpose.
  • A few persons reside on the little island Allegranza, a mass of lava and cinders ejected at various times from a now extinct volcano, the crater of which has still a well-defined edge.
  • Or so, and thoroughly drained, and layers of different materials (gravel, cinders, moulds, silver-sand) laid down before the final covering of turf, 21 or 3 in.
  • But as he rode out to view the ruins his horse plunged on the burning cinders and inflicted on him an internal injury.
  • In the Kul-oba, or Mound of Cinders (opened in 1830-1831), was a similar tomb, in which were found what would appear to be the remains of one of the kings of Bosporus, of his queen, his horse and his groom.