Sentence Examples

  • It forms a part of the 1mm or plastin network of the nucleus and may become impregnated with varying quantities of chromatin stored up for use in the formation of the chromosomes and other nuclear activities.
  • (2) Metaphase.The chromosomes pass to the equator of the spindle and b,ecome attached to the spindle-fibres in such a way that they form a radiating starthaped figureAster-when seen from the pole of the spindle.
  • Many observers hold the view that the chromosomes are pulled apart by the contraction of the fibres to which they are attached.
  • This is a necessary consequence of the fusion of two nuclei in fertilization, unless the chromosomes are to be doubled at each generation.
  • In order to effect this the individual chromosomes must become associated in some way, for there is no diminution in the actual amount of nuclear substance, and this leads to certain modifications in the division which are not seen in the vegetative nuclei.

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