Sentence Examples

  • It is one of the principal seats of the glass industry in Indiana - plate glass, lamp chimneys, mirrors, &c., being manufactured here - and also has mineral wool factories and paper mills.
  • Among several picturesque old houses remaining, that known as the Six Chimneys, an Elizabethan structure, is the most striking.
  • Among the many developments of the Jena Works, not the least important are the glasses made in the form of a tube, from which gas-chimneys, gauge-glasses and chemical apparatus are fashioned, specially adapted to resist sudden changes of temperature.
  • The sculptured doorways, chimneys and friezes of the interior are especially fine.
  • In 1905 the borough ranked fifth among the cities of the United States in the manufacture of glass (plateglass, lamp chimneys and bottles), its product (valued at $1,841,308) being 2.3% of that of the whole country.