Sentence Examples

  • It is one of the principal seats of the glass industry in Indiana - plate glass, lamp chimneys, mirrors, &c., being manufactured here - and also has mineral wool factories and paper mills.
  • The floors and even the walls of important buildings are made of this combination, and long span bridges, tall factory chimneys, and large water-tanks are among the many novel uses to which it has been put.
  • He was much engaged at the same time in remedying smoking chimneys, and as late as 1785 wrote to Jan Ingenhousz, physician to the emperor of Austria, on chimneys and draughts; smoking street lamps he remedied by a simple contrivance.
  • South, east and west of the city are the gold mines, indicated by tall chimneys, battery houses and the compounds of the labourers.
  • The furnaces are square and open in front, to allow the outlet ends of the retorts to project; they are grouped together by fours; and their several chimneys are within the same enclosure.

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