Sentence Examples

  • Before the varicella vaccine (Varivax) was released for use in 1995, nearly all of the 4 million children born each year in the United States contracted chickenpox, resulting in hospitalization in five of every 1,000 cases and 100 deaths.
  • Since shingles is very common in HIV-infected children, the NIAID and NICHD also launched a clinical study to determine whether Varivax can prevent shingles in HIV-infected children who have had chickenpox.
  • Aspirin should never be given to children under the age of 16 who have chickenpox or influenza, because children who have received aspirin for these conditions seem to have a higher than expected frequency of developing Reye's syndrome.
  • A substance known as varicella-zoster immune globulin (VZIG), which reduces the severity of chickenpox symptoms, is as of 2004 available to treat immunocompromised children and others at high risk of developing complications.
  • Although evidence has not ruled out a booster shot later in life, all research addressing the vaccine's effectiveness throughout its six-year use indicates that chickenpox may be the first human herpes virus to be wiped out.