Sentence Examples

  • 99 sqq.), in connexion with the tale of the invasion of Darius, makes of Scythia a kind of chessboard 4000 stades square on which the combatants can make their moves quite unhindered by the great rivers: the other (16-20), founded on what he learned from Greeks of Olbia and supplemented by the tales of the 7th century traveller Aristeas of Proconnesus, is not very far removed from first-hand information and can be made more or less to tally with the lie of the land.
  • Also detailed were a large chessboard and a table for playing drafts.
  • As he said " you forget the importance of being a party of three on the European chessboard.
  • Control of Iranian oil is a powerful position to hold on the global chessboard.
  • I believe this mistake was caused by the actor not being able to see the chessboard through his helmet.

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