Sentence Examples

  • A common modification of the chief ramus of the Arthropod parapodium is the chela or nipper formed by the elongation of the penultimate joint of the ramus, so that the last joint works on it FIG.
  • 4), or, finally, the penultimate segment may be produced into a thumb-like process opposed to the movable terminal segment or finger, forming a perfect chela or forceps, as, for instance, in the large claws of a crab or lobster.
  • It is divided into four stages, each one representing the degree of spiritual growth and karmic development at which the "chela" or disciple has arrived.
  • Although the way of the disciple or "chela" is always represented as long and difficult, it is said that as he proceeds, the transcendental faculties which arise to help him enable him to pursue the right course with ever increasing confidence and security.
  • It is proclaimed that were the "chela" to attempt to make an improper use of his powers - that is to say, were he to yield to the prom') tings of selfishness, lust or antagonism - such a lapse would at once set in action counteracting forces, which not only retard his upward growth, but which would, were such evil courses persisted in, lead ultimately to the obliteration of all his newly acquired psychic possessions.

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