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  • At a point a little more than halfway down its course, the Menam Chao Phaya receives the waters of its only tributary, the Nam Sak, a good-sized stream which rises in the east of northern Siam and waters the most easterly part (the Pechabun valley) of that section of the country.
  • X) through the intermediate sounds kj, fj, ~j: chamar (c 1 a m a r e), chao (p 1 a if u s), chamma (f 1 a m m a).
  • The word was suggested by the Gr.)(etas, chaos, for he also writes: "I have called this spirit gas, it being scarcely distinguishable from the Chaos of the ancients" ("halitum illum Gas vocavi, non longe a Chao veterum secretum").
  • The Kwei-kiang, on the other hand, takes a southerly course, and passes the cities of Kwei-lin, Yang-so Hien, ring-le Fu, Chao-Ong Hien, and so finds its way to Wu-chow Fu, where it joins the waters of the Si-kiang.
  • (For map, see Indo-China.) The country may be best considered geographically in four parts: the northern, including the drainage area of the four rivers which unite near Pak-Nam Po to form the Menam Chao Phaya; the eastern, including the drainage area of the Nam Mun river and its tributaries; the central, including the drainage area of the Meklong, the Menam Chao Phaya and the Bang Pakong rivers; and the southern, including that part of the country which is situated in the Malay Peninsula.

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