Sentence Examples

  • Blanchard published some Recherches sur les caracteres osteo- logiques des oiseaux appliquees a la classification naturelle de ces animaux, strongly urging the superiority of such characters over those drawn from the bill or feet, which, he remarks, though they may have sometimes given correct notions, have mostly led to mistakes, and, if observations of habits and food have sometimes afforded happy results, they have often been deceptive; so that, should more be wanted than to draw up a mere inventory of creation or trace the distinctive outline of each species, zoology without anatomy would remain a barren study.
  • Form the plural either in es or in es according to the etymology: thus co (c a a e m) makes ces, but racao makes races.
  • Ces - 2,739 413,470 510,194 603,596 220.3
  • Barth says, " Le sentiment religieux a ecarte la plupart de ces mythes, mais it ne les a ecartes tous."
  • Carra, Histoire de Moldavie et de Valachie, avec une dissertation sur l'etal actuel de ces deux Provinces (Jassy, 1 777); A.

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