Sentence Examples

  • The scorpion and the centipede are both common.
  • Verhoeff has lately (1904) put forward the view that there are really six segments in the hexapodan thorax and twenty in the abdomen - the cerci belonging to the seventeenth abdominal segment thus showing a close agreement with the centipede Scolopendra.
  • The orders included in the various classes are not discussed here, but are treated of under the following titles: - Peripatus (Onychophora), Centipede and Millipede (Myriapoda), Hexapoda (Insecta), Arachnida and Crustacea.
  • (See Centipede.) Class 5.
  • Although it is often called the garden centipede, this little animal is not a centipede at all.

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