Sentence Examples

  • 'Tis Ahab--his body's part; but Ahab's soul's a centipede, that moves upon a hundred legs.
  • Men of one idea, like a hen with one chicken, and that a duckling; men of a thousand ideas, and unkempt heads, like those hens which are made to take charge of a hundred chickens, all in pursuit of one bug, a score of them lost in every morning's dew--and become frizzled and mangy in consequence; men of ideas instead of legs, a sort of intellectual centipede that made you crawl all over.
  • Centipede (Geophilus electricus) was actually seen apparently to
  • How many legs does the average centipede actually have?
  • The best one was when my DH found a centipede curled up in my toothbrush... !

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