Sentence Examples

  • For practical purposes we may treat r 2 as constant, and replace d/dr by d/dh, where h is height in centimetres above the ground.
  • If a body whose mass is m grammes be moving with a velocity of v centimetres per second relative to the earth, the available kinetic energy possessed by the system is Zmv 2 ergs if m be small relative to the earth.
  • If m, and m 2 are the strengths of two poles, d the distance between them expressed in centimetres, and f the force in dynes, f=ml m2/d2 (I) The force is one of attraction or repulsion, according as the sign of the product m l m 2 is negative or positive.
  • The magnetic field due to a long straight wire in which a current of electricity is flowing is at every point at right angles to the plane passing through it and through the wire; its strength at any point distant r centimetres from the wire is H = 21/r, (2) i being the current in C.G.S.
  • The field strength in the interior of a long uniformly wound coil containing n turns of wire and having a length of 1 centimetres is (except near the ends) H = 41rin/l.

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