Sentence Examples

  • From this we deduce for the charge p per cubic centimetre (I/41r)Xio-5 (volt/cm 2), or 2.7 X 101 electrostatic units.
  • Cm, ON7N (I) The first suggestion is quite out of the question.
  • The greatest weight supported in the experiments was 14,600 grammes per square cm., and the corresponding induction 18, Soo units.
  • The force required to detach it is measured by a registering spring balance, which is clamped to the upper end of the rod, and thence the induction or the magnetization is deduced by applying the formula (B-H)2/81r = 27r1 2 = Pg/S, where P is the pull in grammes weight, S the sectional area of the rod in square cm., and g=981.
  • If 2r =1000 cm., 2x = I cm., X = 6 X 105 cm., then dx = 0015 cm.

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