Sentence Examples

  • The intensity of the stream of energy passing per second through a square centimetre when a given pure tone is sounded is more definite and can be measured.
  • Thus a= 2.54 cros., or one inch very nearly.] Tables Of Surface-Tension In the following tables the units of length, mass and time are the centimetre, the gramme and the second, and the unit of force is that which if it acted on one gramme for one second would communicate to it a velocity of one centimetre per second: - Table of Surface-Tension at 20° C. (Quincke).
  • In.," or 14,000 grms. per square centimetre, and a similar view prevailed among high authorities more than twenty years later.
  • System a subdivision of the latter, viz, the gramme, is adopted, and is associated with the centimetre as the unit of length, and the mean solar second as the unit of time.
  • We shall regard the external force as applied in the form of a pressure X per square centimetre parallel to the line of propagation and varied from point to point as required in order to make the disturbance travel on unchanged in form with the specified velocity U.

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