Sentence Examples

  • At the Roman Lupercalia women were flogged by the celebrants to avert sterility or as a purificatory ceremony (W.
  • Is agape and eucharist in one, and it is held in a private house and not in church, and the celebrants are holy women!
  • In all ceremonies the celebrants must be barefoot.
  • The decree explains the filioque in a manner acceptable to the Greeks, but does not require them to insert the term in their symbol; it demands that celebrants follow the custom of their own church as to the employment of leavened or unleavened bread in the Eucharist.
  • On the 24th of August three statutes abolished papal and prelatical authority and jurisdiction; repealed the old laws in favour of the church, and punished celebrants and attendants of the Mass - for the first offence by confiscation, for the second by exile, for the third by death.

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