Sentence Examples

  • Whether your favorite celeb has recently appeared on the red carpet wearing a total disaster, or you just want to give her an updated or different look, these celebrity dress up sites let you express your inner personal assistant.
  • Although it's really hard to tell whether a celebrity exposure is by accident, when the celeb is truly mortified or threatens legal action against the perpetrator, you can usually bet that the exposure was a complete accident.
  • While you're in L.A., should you decide to do anything besides celeb hunt, Starline also offers transportation to many other destinations of choice, such as Disneyland, Venice Beach, Las Vegas, and along the California coast.
  • The waistlines of starlets is always a point of discussion on gossip blogs and celeb magazines, and many actresses have complained about the lack of roles for body types that vary from the super-skinny movie industry norm.
  • Often, the media speculates on whether or not a particular star is pregnant or not, and sometimes this comes with disastrous and embarrassing consequences, when the celeb in question turns out not to be pregnant at all.